Student Services

Involvement on campus is a hallmark of our students. You could be standing on stage in a production at Troy Theater or floating down whitewater rapids at one of the Adventure Society's outdoor odysseys. You might join Campus Ministry, play an instrument in the pep band or end up auditioning for 'Cardinal Idol.' Maybe you'll write a column for the Cardinal Connection, our student-run newspaper. Whatever it is that interests you, you'll find an outlet on our campus.

Weekends at Wheeling University are full of excitement. The Ratt, our on-campus pub, hosts bands every Friday along with theme nights throughout the year. Our Campus Activities Board plans weekends year-round for students, including the annual Last Blast weekend, complete with inflatables, obstacle courses, rock climbing, concerts and a highly competitive raft race down Wheeling Creek.

If you're looking for a great workout, the McDonough Center isn't just a place for varsity athletes; it's a resource for all students. Consider it your own 107,000 square-foot health club. You can run laps on the indoor and outdoor tracks, play racquetball, pump iron, get in some cardio at the fitness center, swim laps in the pool or shoot hoops in the gym. Many activities are offered to ensure your body is as healthy as your mind.