SSAC The Mother Jones Community

The Mother Jones Community is an intentional, Christian community of Wheeling University students. Under the direction of a mentor, Mother Jones students serve the neighborhood of East Wheeling. Each student devotes six hours a week to service with Laughlin Memorial Chapel and Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center.

The Mother Jones Community lives by the six core values of: simplicity, faith, community, social justice, learning and service. Some of the ways they explore these values include weekly spirituality nights as well as hosting community dinners. Community dinners happen weekly and are open to WU students, faculty, staff and members of the Wheeling community. If you have a chance, come stop by for food, fun and fellowship!

Living in the Mother Jones Community provides students with a unique opportunity to get more out of their WU experience, to grow in their faith and to explore living for something more. The Mother Jones Community is a unique opportunity not found on many other campuses. Room and board is significantly less expensive than other campus housing options. If you are interested in learning more about the Mother Jones Community call the Service for Social Action Center at WU at 304-243-2567.

Check out the Mother Jones Community Facebook page to stay up to date.