Health Center Undergraduate Pre-Entrance Requirements

WU Pre-Entrance Health Record Requirement Policy

  1. Pre-Entrance Health Record Requirement forms must be completed by all undergraduate students and ELI students attending classes on campus.

  2. All students attending classes on campus are to complete pre-entrance health record requirements prior to coming to campus; failure to do so may result in students not being allowed to begin classes and/or to move into campus housing until requirements are completed. Whenever possible students will be contacted for record deficiencies after records are received and reviewed by the Health center; students should allow one to two weeks for verification of records. Students are encouraged to contact the Health Center directly to verify that health records are received and approved; ELI students may also contact the ELI office for follow up during their admissions process if they are unsure about approval of health forms.

  3. All record entries shall be legible and whenever possible translated to English language. Forms completed in a language other than English may require an additional 1-4 weeks for processing; such forms may not be approved if accurate and/or timely translation proves impossible.

  4. All undergraduate students residing in campus housing and all full time non-citizen ELI and international students are required to maintain medical insurance coverage. A copy must be provided to the Health Center upon entry to the University. While the university Health Center will continue to refer students needing non-emergency off-campus medical care to off-campus facilities, the absence of proof of medical insurance may prohibit rendering of non-emergency off-campus medical services.

  5. All students are financially responsible for medical services provided by off campus health care providers.

  6. All students under the age of 18 must provide a mandatory authorization statement signed by parent or guardian to the Health Center. The signed statement is found on the Pre-Entrance Health Form and must be signed by parent or guardian to grant permission for medical treatment of student as necessitated.

  7. All undergraduate students and ELI students attending classes on campus are required to complete Pre-Entrance Health Forms prior to their arrival on campus; international students are strongly encouraged to complete Pre-Entrance Health Forms while in their home country. If this is not possible due to limited availability of medical records and/or medical care needed to meet requirements or due to language barriers, students will be required to complete immunization requirements within their first seven days on campus (determined by the first day of classes or their first day living in campus housing, whichever begins first).

  8. Undergraduate students and ELI students who plan to attend classes on campus but who fail to return completed and approved Pre-Entrance Health Forms within one month prior to their arrival on campus will be charged an “Immunization Requirements Fee” that covers the cost of medical services to meet immunization requirements at Wheeling Hospital; such students are responsible for cooperating with University and Wheeling Hospital officials who will arrange for receipt of immunizations upon their arrival on campus. Students are responsible for paying the fee on their University bill; this fee will be removed from a students’ account if they show proof of satisfactorily completing requirements within their first seven days on campus.

  9. Students' demonstrating an inability to satisfactorily complete or to show effort to complete health requirements within seven days of arrival on campus are subject to immediate removal from undergraduate and/or ELI classes and/or campus housing until health requirements are completed; these determinations will be made by the Dean of Student Development (and/or his/her designee) in partnership with Wheeling Hospital’s Director of the Family Medicine Center (and/or his/her designee).

  10. All residential students and international students are required to be enrolled in health insurance throughout their time of study at the University. Students are required to show proof of enrollment in a health insurance program when they start their study at the University; it is students’ responsibility to notify the Health Center if their health insurance changes.