Health Center Health Insurance Resources

Important Note: Wheeling University does not endorse any health insurance provider. The information provided is for resource purposes only. We recommend that you carefully review information provided by various providers to compare and choose the provider that best meets your individual health care needs.

Request a Student Medical Insurance Quote - This site will provide quotes for coverage from multiple student insurance providers for comparison.

The Wheeling University Health Insurance Policy

All undergraduate students residing in campus housing and all full-time non-citizen ELI and international students are required to maintain medical insurance coverage. A copy must be provided to the Health Center upon entry to the University. While the university Health Center will continue to refer students needing non-emergency off-campus medical care to off-campus facilities, the absence of proof of medical insurance may prohibit rendering of non-emergency off-campus medical services. All students are financially resposible for medical services provided by off-campus health care providers.