Disability Services Procedures to Request Accommodations

Students with documented disabilities are responsible for requesting accommodations and for following the procedures for receiving those accommodations.

Students must provide the university with comprehensive documentation of a disability and meet with the Disability Services Director, Kathy Tagg prior to receiving any accommodations. A notification letter of accommodation is prepared for each of the students' professors at the beginning of each semester. This letter is a list of accommodations for which students are eligible. However, students are not required to utilize these accommodations in every class or at all - that decision is up to the students.

Students with a disability who have prior authorization and who request testing accomodations for quizzes, tests, midterm and final exams, or computer based exams must complete a yellow Request for Testing Accommodations form for each exam (forms available at the Testing Center - Ignatius Hall G24), have their instructor complete and sign the bottom of the form, and return the form to Disability Services Director, Kathy Tagg in Ignatius Hall G24 at least two school days before the exam is scheduled. Students must take the exam on the same day as the rest of the class and will receive no more than time and a half to complete it.