Public Safety Public Safety Procedures

Public Safety personnel are available to assist students and visitors to the campus; regulate and enforce traffic and parking regulations; enforce University policies/behavioral expectations; make rounds of the campus; and inspect campus for safety/maintenance concerns. Officers do not have law enforcement authority but can enforce University policies. Students and other members of the University Community should be familiar with the following Public Safety procedures. To reach a security officer call ext. 2486 from an on-campus phone or 304-243-2486 from any other phone. The Office of Public Safety is located in the annex of Swint Hall. Any student who would like to have a security escort across campus at any time can contact Public Safety at extension 2486. A Security officer or Student Security Assistant will escort students to any location on campus.

Security Officers have a mobile telephone for contact with all emergency services including local police, fire, and ambulance squads. The Office of Public Safety maintains a close and cooperative relationship with local authorities.

Emergency Procedures

IN CASE OF FIRE - Pull a fire alarm; exit the building; do not use elevators. The University's alarm system is connected with the Fire Department. Do not enter a building that is on fire -Call 911 and Security at ext. 2486 or 2911.

TO REPORT A CRIME OR OTHER INCIDENT - Call ext. 2486 or 304-243-2486.