Academic Resource Center (ARC) Writing College Papers

The links below are printable resources to help strengthen your writing. How Do I BEGIN to Write a Paper? 


Some additional on-line resources:

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Purdue provides useful discussion, in printable handout form, of more than 100 FAQs of writing, from the basics of grammar, MLA, APA, and CMS documentation styles, to resumes, cover letters, and job-seeking.

Bedford/St. Martin's Student Center for  A Writer's Reference, 7th Edition
Diana Hacker and Nancy Somers offer an on-line reference that covers just about everything a writer may need: choosing the right words, composing sentences, model papers--and more.

The Elements of Style
Concise, elegant, and timeless,The Elements of Stylemay be the only English primer you read for pleasure.HyperGrammar
Courtesy of the University of Ottawa, here is the ultimate guide to referencing and drilling all aspects of grammar and usage, from punctuation to paragraphs.