Academic Resource Center (ARC) Using the ARC

Schedule an appointment ahead of time. Walk-ins will be accommodated when possible.

When you schedule an ARC appointment, you will be asked for contact and course information that helps the tutor prepare for the session - see making an appointment. Providing more detailed assignment information than "a paper" or "homework" gives our tutors more opportunity to be prepared to help you.

All tutoring and study-group sessions meet, unless otherwise specified, in WU's library. When entering the library, cross the first room past the circulation desk and go through the archway into the library's second room. The ARC's central office will be on your left in the first glass office. You will find your tutor waiting there, or else you will be directed back to the tutoring center.

After the appointment, the tutor will complete a brief form to send to your professor. You may decline to have a report sent to your professor; however, the ARC will confirm attendance if requested.


* Suggestions for Tutoring Success *

Seek help at the first sign of trouble.

Come Prepared. If you can't get a concept, come to the ARC at least having tried to get it. Bring notebooks, textbooks, homework attempts, and anything else that may help you and your tutor during your session.

Be Patient. Don't assume that every problem can be settled with a single session. You may feel that your difficulty lies in a certain area, but our tutors may notice that you also need to develop some other skill or that what you thought was the problem wasn't really a problem at all.