Academic Resource Center (ARC) Making Appointments

Please use the "Schedule an Appointment" link to get started in scheduling your appointment. There are just a few things you need to remember when scheduling:

  • Log in. You must create a profile for yourself the first time you schedule your appointment. You will be asked for your cardinal email, and then you will need to choose a password. If you are returning to the ARC but do not remember your password, you can follow the prompt to select a new one.

  • Next, select the course in which you are seeking tutoring assistance, using the "Limit to course" drop-down menu. If you are seeking help with writing a paper, simply choose "Writing Process/Papers" at the top - no need to search for your individual course.

  • Click on the time that best suits your schedule. Please remember that it is typically best to schedule appointments more than 24 hours ahead of the due date for assigned work. 

  • An appointment-form window will pop up. PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM COMPLETELY. You do not have a scheduled appointment until all fields have been answered.

    • Under "Course" provide course acronym and number (i.e., "ENG-105").

    • Choose Course Instructor.

    • The next two questions relate to your instructor: did he or she require you to attend this session? Do you want the ARC to send a report of your visit? Any student required to attend should choose "Yes" in both boxes; the ARC would recommend that all students choose "Yes" for sending a report, because this shows an instructor your commitment to learning. 

    • The question about page-length is strictly for students scheduling writing appointments. If you are not scheduling a writing appointment, choose "N/A." Students scheduling for papers of 5+ pages, you should be aware that one appointment will likely not be adequate to addressing the demands of a longer paper; please schedule EARLY. 

    • The final question, asking what you'd like to work on, is vital to the success of your appointment, because it can help the tutor prepare to help you. For writing appointments, describe the assignment and specific areas of challenge or concern for you. For other subjects, specify concepts you are hoping to review. 

  • Click the "SAVE CHANGES" button at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email confirmation at your cardinal account; an email reminder will also be sent to you a day before your appointment.